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  • Networking 101:  If You Have to Explain Who the Person is Who Referred You—It’s Not a Referral!

    Most people understand that, if they seriously want to get a job, they will have to develop and manage a network of people who can help them. Most ...
  • "You're Unemployed? How Are You Doing?" Thanks For Asking, I'm Dying.

    Unemployed people typically experience an enormous crisis of confidence, once the anger over a layoff or firing lessens a bit. There’s a reason.   ...
  • eNetworking: The Important Stuff

    These suggestions, based on personal experience, will help you!
  • Where Have You Gone, Joe Dimaggio?

    We need some heroes right now, and you have been chosen to be one!
  • Interviewing 201: Who's in Charge here?

    Who’s in charge in the employment interview? All too often it’s the hiring manager, who has had little or no training in how to hire, and would rather be having a tooth pulled than be in a hiring situation.
  • Networking 201: The Referral Meeting: Introduction

    Just as the employment interview frequently starts with, “Tell me about yourself,” the referral meeting frequently starts with, “So, what can I do for you?” Almost everyone will ask you this, because they really want to know!
  • Networking 201: the Referral Meeting: Gathering Information

    It is my experience that people don’t like bad news. People looking for a job really don’t like bad news! Because of this, most people, consciously or not, avoid bad news to the extent possible.
  • Networking 201: The Referral Meeting: Close

    The meeting is about to end. How are you going to handle that?
  • Networking 102: The 3 Deadly Sins, Part 1

    These are three enormous mistakes that people typically make when looking for a job, presented in the context of “Bud’s Rules.” Break any one of these rules and you are toast! Read all three parts of this informative thread.
  • Networking 102: The 3 Deadly Sins, Part 2

    Stop approaching people the way you do now. Find a better way to find leads and get your resume in the right hands.

  • Networking 102: The 3 Deadly Sins, Part 3

    Don't cause a person to commit to doing something for you to get your job, or you'll be left waiting for a call that will never come.

  • This Uncommon Courtesy Will Set You Apart From 98% Of All Job Seekers

    There is one required item after every job interview that 98% of job seekers do not do, and that is sending a simple Thank You card to the interviewer. Learn why this is so effective and why you MUST do this after every interview, every time, no doubt about it, no questions asked.