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Job Search & Career Management

  • How Do Hiring Managers Hire?

    The mind of the hiring manager is a strange and wonderful thing. A little knowledge of this is helpful when you’re looking for work.  Let’s say I’m...
  • It Isn’t Who You Know!

    Complaining about human nature won't get you very far. Take advantage of it!
  • Interviewing 301: Preparing For the Interview

    The difference between you and almost everybody else!
  • “I Can Do Lots of Things!” Uhmm, no.

    If you are looking for a suitable vacancy to fill (especially online), and you’re a normal human being, there are two unexamined thoughts that like...
  • The Art of Job Search Success

    The key to finding success in the job search is preparation. Set yourself apart from other candidates by honing in on these seven steps. #jobsearchtips #gethired
  • So You Think You’re Not an Entrepreneur? Think Again!

    Always remember, a career is the best use of your skills today.
  • What Are You Worth?

    Are you a financial investment? You bet! You should be making, or at least contributing to making, or saving, your employer a multiple of what you are being paid.
  • Networking 101:  If You Have to Explain Who the Person is Who Referred You—It’s Not a Referral!

    Most people understand that, if they seriously want to get a job, they will have to develop and manage a network of people who can help them. Most ...
  • "You're Unemployed? How Are You Doing?" Thanks For Asking, I'm Dying.

    Unemployed people typically experience an enormous crisis of confidence, once the anger over a layoff or firing lessens a bit. There’s a reason.   ...
  • eNetworking: The Important Stuff

    These suggestions, based on personal experience, will help you!
  • Where Have You Gone, Joe Dimaggio?

    We need some heroes right now, and you have been chosen to be one!
  • Interviewing 201: Who's in Charge here?

    Who’s in charge in the employment interview? All too often it’s the hiring manager, who has had little or no training in how to hire, and would rather be having a tooth pulled than be in a hiring situation.