Job Search & Career Management

  • Interviewing 201: Who's in Charge here?

    Who’s in charge in the employment interview? All too often it’s the hiring manager, who has had little or no training in how to hire, and would rather be having a tooth pulled than be in a hiring situation.
  • Networking 102: The 3 Deadly Sins, Part 1

    These are three enormous mistakes that people typically make when looking for a job, presented in the context of “Bud’s Rules.” Break any one of these rules and you are toast! Read all three parts of this informative thread.
  • Interviewing 101: You, the Candidate

    The one shift that could change everything when it comes to your interview. You may be surprised at what it is!
  • Looking For A Job? What Do You Have To Sell?

    Here is the truth. Getting a job is a sales process, but you are not the product! The set of skills, abilities, and strengths that you bring to the work is the product. You are the sales representative! You may not enjoy being a sales representative either, but you’ll get a whole lot farther along as the sales representative than you will as the product!