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Job Search & Career Management

  • Why Your Resume May Not Actually Be A Resume (but you still need it!) Learn About "The Profile"

    Many applicants have created something like a Profile thinking it is an actual Resume. It is NOT! And it will not get you hired, because you'll be overlooked from the very beginning. You NEED a Profile AND a Resume, but they are completely different documents.
  • Interviewing 101: The Hiring Manager

    Most people see the hiring manager as the adversary! The famous Chinese general, Sun Tzu, said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” So, let’s know the enemy to help you with your interview!

  • Interviewing 101: You, the Candidate

    The one shift that could change everything when it comes to your interview. You may be surprised at what it is!
  • Make These 5 Mistakes and Abandon All Hope

    Having spent over 30 years in the employment marketplace, and coached thousands of people through job searches, I’ve seen a lot of mistakes made, and made quite a few of my own. But these mistakes can generally be boiled down to five categories...

  • Looking For A Job? What Do You Have To Sell?

    Here is the truth. Getting a job is a sales process, but you are not the product! The set of skills, abilities, and strengths that you bring to the work is the product. You are the sales representative! You may not enjoy being a sales representative either, but you’ll get a whole lot farther along as the sales representative than you will as the product!
  • Make These 5 Mistakes, Part 2

    This is the second in a two-part series on the mistakes people make relative to jobhunting. Today we’ll discuss the final three. Earlier we talked about the first two: not looking for a job when you are comfortably employed, and not preparing a specific, proactive search plan.

  • Networking 101: Welcome to the “Hidden” Job Market!

    While most people hate the thought, almost everyone knows they’ll have to network to get hired. Why? Because most jobs are never advertised. Welcome to the “hidden job market!”